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Reducing Costs on your Network with Remote Water Metering

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Remote water metering offers an alternative to restrictive and costly manual metering. Not only does remote flow metering reduce operational costs but the enhanced picture of the the water network reduces losses incurred by Non Revenue Water (NRW).

Instead, remote transmission of water metering data by the SOFREL LS GSM/GPRS data logger gives the user a continuous picture of the daily volumes of water conveyed by different areas of the network, from a distance.


Remote Water Metering Overview

The continuous picture of the network provided by the wireless data logger to help you reduce Non Revenue Water includes:

  • Volume of water distributed by the network during the day
  • Volume distributed during the night, subject to operator-defined thresholds
  • Minimum, maximum and average water flow measurements
  • Water pressure measurements

Solving Water Flow Meter Accessibility Problems

Safe water distribution networks use more and more equipment. Depending on the size of the network and the number of areas, the accessibility of water metering points can be problematic. SOFREL LS is a District Metering Area GSM/GPRS data logger, meaning distance is not a problem. The remote functioning of SOFREL LS gives the user improved water leak detection and water network management at a lower cost, optimizing water loss control.

Perfectly Adapted to Water Meter Chambers

Specially designed to be placed in water metering chambers, SOFREL LS data logger transmits information from the meters and water flow meters it is connected to. SOFREL LS regularly records the relevant data and transmits them, according to the operator’s preference from every 15 minutes to once a day, to a centralisation system.

Main Benefits

An innovative data logger and an indispensable water network management tool, the SOFREL LS offers 7 principal characteristics which distinguish it from other water data loggers for optimal Non Revenue Water reduction: